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Our Services


Dr. Jazayeri and his team believe and follow the eight basic human needs as per adaptation to dental hygiene of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Our team works together and with other health professionals to ensure your needs are met.
The 8 basic needs are as follows:

 Wholesome facial image
 Protection from health risk
 Biologically sound and functional dentition
 Skin and mucous membrane integrity of the head and neck
 Freedom from head and neck pain
 Freedom from anxiety and stress
 Responsibility of oral health
 Conceptualization and understanding

At each and every appointment our team evaluates these categories and identifies any deficits that may need to be met by one of our services listed below:

General dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry
Diagnostic and preventative care
Periodontal (gum) treatment and surgeries
Oral surgery
Implant dentistry
Orthodontic services
Endodontic treatment
Dentistry with lasers

General dentistry:

• Mercury free white (composite resin) fillings
• Crowns (caps)
• Fixed bridges
• Inlay and onlay restorations
• Partial and complete dentures
• Custom nightguards and sportsguards

click here to view the pictures (crown replacement - bridges & crowns - mercury filling replacement)

Cosmetic dentistry:

Cosmetic dentistry can be defined as any treatment rendered to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.
These treatments include but are not limited to:

• Porcelain veneers
• Porcelain crowns
• Replacement of amalgam fillings to white (tooth coloured) fillings
• Teeth whitening

  • Custom take home trays
  • Zoom in office light assisted 1 hour treatment

• Full mouth reconstructions

click here to view the pictures (veneers and crowns - bridges & crowns - veneers)


Composite resin filling to repair structural imperfections. Can also be used to repair misaligned teeth.

click here to view the pictures (bonding)

Diagnostic and preventative care:

• Regular hygiene visits
• Full mouth examination
• Oral cancer screening
• Sealants (prevention of cavities)
• Fluoride
• Digital radiography

  • In-office panoramic and cephalometric radiographs

Periodontal treatments and surgeries:

• Scaling and root planing
• Localized antibiotic delivery
• Laser assisted pocket reduction
• Gingival grafting
• Periodical maintenance
• Referral to periodontist when necessary

Oral surgery:

• Simple and complicated extractions
• Implant surgery
• Simple extractions of wisdom teeth
• Full mouth extractions

  • Denture placement
  • Implant placement

• Referrals to maxillofacial surgeon when necessary


• Oral sedation

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Pharmaceuticals
• Nitrous-oxide sedation
  • Available upon request where it is warranted

Implant dentistry:

An artificial tooth root placed within the jawbone for placement of a crown.

• Single tooth replacement
• Multi tooth replacement
• Implant overdenture

click here to view the pictures (implant dentistry)

Orthodontic services:

• Simple and minimal crowding orthodontics
• Referral to orthodontist when necessary

click here to view the pictures (orthodontic treatment)

Endodontic services:

• Root canal therapy on single and multi-rooted teeth
• Referral to endodontist when necessary

Dentistry with lasers:

In keeping up with the changing technoligies we are proud to incorporate our diode laser in our treatments where possible to reduce pain for our patients and produce faster healing times. Our treatments include but are not limited to:

• Abscess care (infection)
• Aphthous ulcer care (cold sore)
• Biopsy/fibroma removal
• Crown lengthening
• Frenum relief
• Implant uncovering
• Operclectomy (removal of gum over erupting tooth)
• Recontouring soft tissue
• Sulcular debridement



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